Tuk Tuk Manufacturer

One of the biggest Tuk Tuk producers in the world, Minghong specializes in the design, manufacture, and marketing of various types of electric vehicles. Our country's sizable private high-tech company makes contemporary, high-quality Tuk Tuk.

Minghong Tuk Tuk Vehicle

Minghong 3 Wheel Tuk Tuk Cargo

Minghong 3 Wheel Tuk Tuk Cargo

Minghong 3 Wheeler Tuk Tuk Passenger

Minghong 3 Wheeler Tuk Tuk Passenger

Minghong 4 Wheel Tuk Tuk Taxi Car

Minghong 4 Wheel Tuk Tuk Taxi Car

Minghong 3 Wheel Enclosed Tuk Tuk

Minghong 3 Wheel Enclosed Tuk Tuk

Auto Rickshaw Features

For many years, Minghong Tuk Tuk product export volume led the sector and was recognized as one of the most recognizable trademarks. Because of its great attributes and features, the product was, for a long time, honored by national, provincial, and local ministries.

Comfortable Driving Features

Super Bright LED Headlights

Front Wheel Performance

Multifunctional Dashboards

Minghong tuk tuk
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ISO 9001


25+ Years









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Why Choose MingHong Tuk Tuk

Tuk-Tuk vehicles and parts made by Minghong are of the highest quality. They are used worldwide and mastered cutting-edge technology like two electrophoresis lines and high-temperature, dust-free spraying lines. Minghong is now the most popular brand of electric tricycles as a result. The business upholds the people-oriented principle, gathers top talent, advanced management, and industry elite, and produces first-class quality. Various patents for the Minghong electric tricycle have been granted, including those for the double rear axle, multifunctional shed, gearbox, electrical insulation box, movable seat, folding seat, etc. Our consumers trust us because of our excellent service and integrity management style.

Highly durable and reliable
Sturdy design
Dimensionally accurate

MingHong E-Tuk

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