Top 10 E-Rickshaw Manufacturers in China

Top 10 E-Rickshaw Manufacturers in China

Electric rickshaws are an effective and affordable transportation solution for families and businesses. These eco-friendly vehicles offer nimble transport for families in congested cities. Entrepreneurs use them as taxis and for other small business ventures, and larger enterprises deploy electric rickshaws to facilitate better movement on factory sites and in their shipping and handling operations. Increased demand for energy-efficient vehicles makes electric rickshaws and tricycles attractive in the global market. Today, the majority of e-rickshaws are made in China. With specialized manufacturing facilities and years of experience refining electric vehicles, consumers and businesses can choose between several different models. 

Let’s explore different electric rickshaws on the market and what makes them stand out in a competitive field. Learning the difference between companies and features will help you choose the best e-rickshaw available!

1. Minghong Vehicle

Minghong Vehicle

Minghong is an established player in the small electronic vehicle market. They’re based in China, with a reputation for quality and premium products that push the edge of what’s possible with electronic vehicles. They’re dominant domestically, and the company exports its vehicles, parts, and service expertise to over 50 countries. 

In addition to its commercial success, Minghong also partners with the United Nations Development Programme and the Cuban government to provide electronic vehicles to low-income customers and to promote sustainability with their environmentally-friendly tricycles and rickshaws. 

Minghong is an excellent choice for buyers looking for a reliable partner in China with export experience and a reputation for quality. 

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2. Jinpeng EV

Jinpeng EV

Jinpeng is based in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province in China. It’s been around since 2004, specializing in various electronic vehicles. This is an excellent choice for people looking for variety in vehicle build, tow capacity, seating configurations, and other features. The company makes electric cars, buses, tricycles, rickshaws, and other e-vehicles. In addition, they have experience with complex manufacturing, so they’re well-suited to meet higher customer demands and spec orders from businesses. 

Founded in 2004, Jiangsu Jinpeng Electric Vehicle Co, Ltd. has spent decades exporting electronic vehicles and building for the domestic Chinese market. They also maintain a strong focus on sustainability. 

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3. Changli EV

Changli EV

Customers looking for small vehicles will find incredible options from Changli. This company specializes in smaller vehicles and affordable cars. You won’t find any buses or trucks, but Changli has fantastic solutions for smaller cars and three-wheeled electric vehicles. 

Changli rose to fame in the early 2020s after its viral video “The Cheapest Car in the World” caught the world’s attention. They make small cars perfect for tight spaces in cities and other urban areas. 

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4. Zongshen


Zhongshen makes high-quality products for a range of customers. They have a strong reputation for making e-vehicles that are reliable and durable. For example, their selection of electric tricycles is made for private and commercial use. Buyers can select from options including passenger tricycles, delivery vehicles, and cargo trikes. 

5. Huaihai EV

Huaihai EV

Founded in 1976, Huaihai EV is one of the oldest Chinese manufacturers of electric vehicles. Today, they are a leading seller of small cars and electric tricycles. With more than 40 years in the sector, they possess a robust product catalog that results from significant R&D. 

Huaihai EV moved into the e-tricycle space years ago, and their products are very popular in China. They offer competitive pricing with good long-term reliability and continuously build their product library to give commercial and personal customers more choices. 

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6. Haibao EV


Haibao excels at making closed electronic rickshaws, tricycles, and other vehicles. This makes Haibao an attractive solution for delivery businesses, taxi services, and companies transporting fragile goods. In addition, enclosed rickshaws offer more protection and security for owners, which is why many commercial companies choose Haibao. 

More recently, Haibao expanded its offerings to include closed electric rickshaws and electric mini-rickshaws. 

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BOSN Power was founded in 2002, making it a player in the electric vehicle space for over two decades. They specialize in manufacturing electric rickshaws and have a reputation for quality and excellent customer service. Trusted in the domestic market, Chinese buyers rely on BOSN Power for low-cost products with reliable safety records. As a result, the company focuses a great deal on innovation and quality control in the manufacturing process to deliver the best possible vehicles to its client base. 

BOSN POWER Homepage:



8. Xinge Motorcycle 

Xinge Motorcycle

Xinge Motorcycle was founded in 1987, meaning it has been in business for more than 30 years. In that time, it established a name as a leading player in the sustainable, eco-friendly electric vehicle market. Its three-wheeled e-vehicles are some of Xinge’s most popular products, and the country builds products for its domestic Chinese market and for export. The company is also known for its strong customer service record, and clients often report a very positive buying experience. 

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9. Aima 


As people age, they sometimes struggle to drive larger gasoline-powered vehicles. Aima positioned itself to meet the needs of aging drivers by specializing in e-tricycles designed for elderly drivers. Most of their vehicles are for recreation or short trips. They make leisure e-tricycles easier to operate and maintain, but most of their products are electronic scooters. 

Aima Homepage:

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10. Besway 


Besway is another fantastic choice for electric tricycle shoppers. Founded in 2000, Besway has over 80 vehicle styles available for sale. Customers can choose from leisure e-tricycles to electric trikes designed to move heavy loads as freight vehicles. The company does most of its business in China, but customers can find their products across the Southeast Asian markets. 


E-rickshaws are terrific solutions for individuals, families, and businesses worldwide. They are an eco-friendly transportation option that promotes sustainability and affordability. They meet the needs of everyone, from buyers looking for a new leisure vehicle to businesses searching for cost-effective ways to move faster and scale without the hefty price tag. 

These ten e-rickshaw companies in China offer a variety of choices and models at different prices. Each has years of experience in their local markets, and some have spent decades exporting their vehicles across the world. 

Picture of  Minghong Vehicle
Minghong Vehicle

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