Minghong Pisces Trans


Minghong Pisces Trans Features

Environmental Protection

The electric tricycle adopts battery as power, which does not produce exhaust gas when working and has no exhaust gas pollution.

High energy conversion efficiency

Electric tricycles can recover energy from braking and going downhill to improve the efficiency of energy utilization.

Easy to maintain

Electric tricycles only require regular inspection of components such as motors and batteries. No need for those tedious maintenance items of traditional engines.

Longer battery life

Using lithium battery as the main power, the battery life and range is longer.




Dimension 2450mm*870mm*1150mm
Tyre Size FR300-12 / FR16*30
Power 60v 800W / 1000W
Brake Type Mechanical Drum Brake
Speed ≤30Km/h
Climbing 30 Degree
Kerb Weight 150kg
Load Capacity 400KG
Color options Red / orange / blue / customized



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