Minghong Aries SE

Minghong Aries SE Features

Competitive pricing

Extremely competitive price, perfect for African, Southeast Asian and Indian markets.

Excellent quality

Using automotive grade steel to make the frame ensures superior quality.

Unique solar-powered roof

Minghong's original use of solar panels as the roof of the carriage reduces cost while increasing range.

Environmental protection

The electric tricycle adopts battery as power, which does not produce exhaust gas when working and has no exhaust gas pollution.



Dimension 2900*1000*1700mm
Brand Name Minghong Vehicle
Brake type Disc brake
Rear Axle System 60 pipe +27 bearing +climbing gears
Top Speed 50km/h (31MPh)
Power 1500W 60V
Controller 30G 60V
Front wheel size 350-12
Rear wheel size 375-12
Material ST16



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