New tricycles on the streets of Central Havana and Old Havana

This news was posted on Canal Caribe by Nicolás Flores Lafita and shows the Minghong Vehicle in Cuba. Below is a translation of the original article, which can be found at Canal Caribe.

Sponsored by the United Nations Development Program and the Taxis-Cuba Cooperative, the main objective of the idea is to introduce this new form of transportation that uses renewable energy sources. This mode of transport contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and atmospheric pollutants emitted by conventional means of transportation.

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New electric tricycles will travel the streets of Havana on two routes that will cover highly populated areas of Central Havana and Old Havana as part of the project “Mitigation of the effects of climate change with the use of electric tricycles for passenger transportation in Havana.”

The cooperative will consist of 23 tricycles and a photovoltaic park connected to the 5 Kw/h electricity grid. The new vehicles have a range of approximately 100 kilometers, a speed of about 45 km/h and a capacity for six passengers and meet the requirements established by the Ministry of Transportation for transporting people.

Picture of  Minghong Vehicle
Minghong Vehicle

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