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Minghong is a leading Chinese electric cars supplier. Our two decades of existence have made us one of the most reputable small electric car companies today. Our electric cars ensure that they are eco-friendly.

Minghong Mini Car List

Minghong Mini Car Advantages

We have been offering different types of mini electric cars that suit various applications and client preferences. We give you the freedom to choose from our four models which fit your needs. We have small electric car, electric tour car, high-speed electric mini car, our new 2021 model featuring a powerful and eco-friendly motor.


The cost of a mini EV is only about one-fifth of gasoline vehicles. Moreover, the energy conversion efficiency is high, at the same time, the braking and downhill energy can be recovered to improve the energy utilization efficiency.

Fully Customizable

Our mini car manufacturer offers a complete package of customizable options, from the color and design to adding custom features depending on your specifications. As a result, Minghong gives you more satisfaction knowing that you have a product entirely suited for your needs.

Powerful Motor

Our model features a powerful motor that is energy efficient. It allows the user to go on long drives and reach high speeds. It features a vast motor with good torque and can carry up to 300 lbs. or more for extended periods.

Easy to maintain

The mini electric car uses electric motors and batteries to drive. Comparing the cumbersome maintenance projects for traditional engines, such as: change the oil, filter, belt, and so on, the small electric car only needs to periodically check a few components like the motor battery.

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Why Choose Minghong Mini Car Company?

Minghong has been in the industry of mini electric car manufacturing for two decades now. We’ve established ourselves as one of the most reputable Chinese electric cars suppliers because we are reliable, efficient, and offer good quality vehicles that are eco-friendly. As one of the biggest Chinese small electric car companies, Minghong’s R&D is highly praised by the government.

We have the most advanced production line in the southwest of China equipped with a high-temperature dust-free painting line, Japan OTC welding robot, and fully automatic manufacturing technology. Currently, it covers an area of more than 200000 square meters and contains over 50 technicians, 50 managers, and 600 workers. That is how we can reach the annual productivity of more than 200000 vehicles.
Feel free to contact us today for inquiries about our electric mini cars or wish to place an order.

Excellent Customer Support

Minghong has a 24/7 online customer support team that is ready to help you whenever there's a problem.

Global Electric Tricycle Supplier

Minghong operates globally covering more than 50 countries

Field Experts

Minghong has over 20 years of manufacturing background with expertise in electric tricycles.

Quality Assurance

Minghong has over 300 professionals working on quality control to continuously improve the quality of its products.


Minghong offers a budget-friendly electric tricycle without compromising on quality.

What Our Clients Say!

Cars are come in well condition Need to test the driving range. Will check battery condition. Body looking good! Interior like new. New car smelling. Order another batch, 2 cars. Good seller!

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After many days waiting I got my car finally. I really checked my car and tested it , wow , it is amazing ,it is cute, and no feeling stressed even two of us in the cabinet. really a good mini city car, I even cannot wait to show it to all my clients.thank you Lingstar company give me such a woderful car!

Customers from

I bought two sampler cars one with 2 doors one 4 doors to test the market, they are looking good. we will test more. meanwhile if you can increase the speed higher, it would be a perfect car.

Customers from

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