How to Import Electric Rickshaws from China?

We get a lot of questions about import regulations and whether we ship to a specific country. As a global leader in the e-rickshaw industry, we export to many countries, helping support local economies with affordable and sustainable transportation. 

Buying an electric tricycle is a game-changer for entrepreneurs, families, and small businesses. It can dramatically improve your quality of life and save you money. However, wanting a Minghong tricycle isn’t enough. You must understand the import requirements where you live before you buy so you’re not hit with any unpleasant surprises after the order process. 

We’ve put together some helpful information about importing electric vehicles and what needs to happen for a successful purchase. Each country or region will have some differences in requirements. When in doubt, reach out to us to get more assistance. 

Let’s look at how to import electric rickshaws from China. 

Minghong E-rickshaw

Finding the Right Product

The buying process involves many steps. The first thing any buyer should do is narrow the search by finding the exact type of E-rickshaw you need. The main differentiating factor is what the rickshaw’s purpose will be. Generally, they sit in one of two categories:

  • Passenger
  • Cargo

Countries place different regulations around cargo and passenger electric rickshaws, so knowing which one you want to buy will help make your search faster. In addition, you’ll be better equipped to read through any import certifications you need and make a checklist that will speed things along. 

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Getting the Required Certificates

After you know which type of e-rickshaw you want, it’s time to determine whether they meet manufacturing standards and have the proper certificates. 

For example, many countries require imported products to have a CE certification. Typically, you can find a prominent “CE” on the packaging or invoice, indicating that the product meets European Union healthy, safety, and environmental protection standards. Without it, your product will likely be refused at the port of entry. 

In India, where electric rickshaws are very popular, importers must obtain a license to clear customers and an ICAT certification. ICAT is India’s certification body that governs all categories of vehicles. The system guarantees that the country’s vehicles meet specific OEM standards, like engine size, emissions, tire quality, and other components. 

Thankfully, most of this information is readily available online. In addition, Minghong and other popular electric rickshaw manufacturing companies are generally aware of global import requirements. They can help you with certifications and anything else needed to order your vehicles. 

Choosing Your E-Rickshaw Manufacturer

Finding a qualified manufacturer is essential for vehicle quality, price, and smooth shipping. Established companies have spent years working with global counterparts. They know the certification process and how to handle large international invoices. The reputation and size of the e-rickshaw company should factor into it, especially if it’s your first purchase from China or you’re unsure about import rules in your country. 

The best companies are able to handle large order capacities. They’re also more likely to customize orders. So, for instance, if you want different seat colors, materials, or wheel sizes, they’re more easily able to accommodate special requests. 

In some cases, choosing the lowest-priced offerings means customers must sacrifice customization and may encounter order delays because the manufacturing process won’t be as smooth. 

Minghong vehicle production workshop

Send an Inquiry

Once you find your rickshaw and the company you want to order from, it’s time to reach out. Sending an inquiry gets the ball rolling and is often the first step in placing an order. Depending on the order quantity, buying an electric rickshaw isn’t like buying a toy or computer online. These are large vehicles that typically have custom features. They’re made to order. 

A first inquiry is often simply an expression of interest. You can ask any questions about feature sets, performance, size, price, etc. Then, the company’s representatives will either call or email you back to discuss your needs. 

If necessary, you can arrange for a factory visit to see the products in person. 

Choose the Shipping Method

Shipping matter is important, particularly when purchasing expensive items overseas. There are various options, each with certain advantages. 

Here are a few:

FOB – FOB, or “free on board,” means that the supplier is free of responsibility once the products are loaded onto a ship or plane. They are responsible for getting it to the carrier, after which their end of the deal is completed. At that point, liability transfers to the carrier or buyer. This is often a more affordable option. 

EXW – EXW, or Ex Works, means the seller delivers the products to a location of the buyer’s choosing. The seller carries liability until the product arrives at the buyer’s address or some other location of the buyer’s choosing. This costs more than FOB, but some buyers prefer the extra guarantee. 

DPP – DPP means delivered duty paid and involves the seller paying for all frees and assuming all risks until the products arrive in good condition. With DPP, a seller must handle all shipping costs, export clearance, and customs documentation. 

CIF – CIF covers the cost, insurance, and freight expenses involved in the shipping process. It’s essentially an international agreement in which the seller pays for the entirety of the goods to arrive, whether by air or sea. This is sometimes the most expensive shipping method, but it offers buyers peace of mind.

The shipping method you choose for your electric rickshaw depends on several factors. For example, buyers may feel more comfortable assuming more risk in places where shipping is easy, safe, and reliable. As a result, they can opt for more affordable shipping arrangements, while other people in less predictable countries will want added protection. 


Finalize Payment

After you choose your products, timeline, and shipping method, it’s time to finalize the invoice. Usually, customers must pay in part or in full before the production process begins. If you have questions about payment, bring them directly to your E-rickshaw manufacturer. 

Shipping & Customs Clearance

The last part of the importing process is, of course, receiving your brand-new electric rickshaws! 

At Minghong Vehicle, we strive to provide a seamless buying process to help people get the best products at fantastic prices worldwide. We are ISO9001/CE/EEC certified, underscoring our commitment to the quality and reliability of our products. Our manufacturing facilities have a capacity exceeding 200,000 electric tricycles annually, and we currently export to over 50 countries. We also have a long-term partnership with the United Nations Development Program, delivering quality electric tricycles to countries in need. 

Explore our products and reach out to discuss any questions or customization needs. Our team is here to help!

 Minghong Vehicle
Minghong Vehicle

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  1. Assegid kidane

    I am interested in importing passenger e rickshaws for taxi service to Ethiopia. Do you have any model recommendations? Have you exported to Ethiopia before?

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