Electric tricycle service to be extended in Havana

Photo: Eduardo Douglas Pedroso/ Tribuna de La Habana.

This news was posted on cubadebate and shows the Minghong Vehicle in Cuba. Below is a translation of the original article, which can be found at cubadebate.

If there are no unforeseen events, the components to assemble around 50 electric tricycles should arrive in Havana in August, which could enter into circulation during the month of September.

This was stated on Wednesday to Tribuna de La Habana by engineer Leandro Méndez Peña, general director of Havana’s General Directorate of Transportation, who highlighted the ecological and economic benefits of this transportation system.

The bulk of the equipment will be destined to the municipality of Playa, prioritizing 120th Street, which links with other areas of the territory and with the municipality of La Lisa, constituting a multi-modal point where gazelle and urban bus routes converge.

However, this will not be the only area to benefit, as other areas such as Santa Fe are being considered.

In addition, five pieces of equipment will be delivered to the Guanabacoa base, inaugurated in June, to complete the 25 that correspond to that territory.

Other destinations such as the Linea Street corridor, one of Havana’s main arteries, which runs for more than three kilometers through an equal number of popular councils in the municipality of Plaza de la Revolución, and is a link between the central and western territories of the city, are also being evaluated.

In addition, this road that extends from La Piragua to the mouth of the Almendares River is in good physical condition, which will contribute to the preservation of the equipment, one of the criteria taken into account when selecting the routes.

At present, other areas of the city are being identified to benefit as well.

This transportation system facilitates the internal mobility of the inhabitants, who will be less dependent on buses to move within the municipalities, said the official.

These have enough charge to keep operating for eight hours, with some breaks, after which they return to their bases, where they are recharged at times that do not coincide with the peak of electricity consumption, he said.

On this issue, Méndez Peña highlighted the follow-up given to the issue of public transportation in the meetings of the temporary working group in Havana, and the constant concern of the Government and the Party of the city to seek all possible alternatives to achieve a greater availability of that service.

Container shipped from Minghong to Cuba
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