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Minghong Electric Scooter Manufacturer is one of the leading manufacturers in China, specializing in electric scooters which are environment-friendly. We have got CE&ROHS certification and ISO9001:2000 with good quality and service. Our mopeds are ideal for delivery companies, grocery stores and commuters. Welcome to wholesale products from us.

Advantages of Minghong Electric Scooter

We offer different electric mopeds with self-balancing function, which is easy to use. Now, this kind of product has grown into the transport trend in recent years because it is much easier for people to go out. People, especially young people, choose to ride a self-balancing electric scooter because it is more convenient and practical while going out.

Anti-Skid Tires

We adopt high-energy ABS material on our electric scooter tires, which make them more durable and anti-skid. In addition, they are specially designed for commuting on the road, making your travelling more convenient.

Self-Balancing Function

Minghong e mopeds are equipped with a high-tech self-balance function, simpler and easier to operate, safer riding.

Simple structure, easy maintenance

The structure of puree mopeds is relatively simple, with few running transmission parts and little maintenance workload.

No pollution, low noise

An electric moped is not like the traditional CNG two-wheelers, the use of exhaust gas will not be produced. This is very beneficial to environmental protection and clean air and can be "zero pollution".

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Why Choose Minghong Electric Scooter as Your Wholesale Supplier

Minghong has been providing customers with high-quality electric scooters for years. We pay more attention to your needs and provide professional after-sales service.

We create our electric scooters intending to provide a safe and comfortable vehicle for everyone. That’s why we choose high-quality and environmentally friendly material, focus more on developing new and leading technologies and perfect user experience.

Excellent Customer Support

Minghong has a 24/7 online customer support team that is ready to help you whenever there's a problem.

Global Electric Tricycle Supplier

Minghong operates globally covering more than 50 countries

Field Experts

Minghong has over 20 years of manufacturing background with expertise in electric tricycles.

Quality Assurance

Minghong has over 300 professionals working on quality control to continuously improve the quality of its products.


Minghong offers a budget-friendly electric tricycle without compromising on quality.

What Our Clients Say!

Ordered and had shipped to the USA. Customer Service is excellent! I am very impressed with the product….so impressed, that I just placed an order for a second vehicle. The dump-hopper truck this time. Great quality to value in the Minghong vehicle.

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I bought it for transportation to and from a kindergarten for children ☆ The size is just right for running on narrow public roads.

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Nice build and look, attractive paint job, fun to drive.

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