Electric Golf Trolleys and Their Benefits

Are Electric Golf Trolleys Worth It?

Electric golf trolleys
Electric golf trolleys
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Are electric golf trolleys worth it? Also, which are the best electric golf trolleys to buy? If you’re a golfer, then these are questions you might be asking—and are looking for information that will answer them. That’s why we wrote this article; to explain what these trolleys are, the reasons to own one, and how to go about choosing the right type for your golfing needs.

What are Electric Golf Trolleys?

Also called electric golf carts, or electric golf caddies, electric golf trolleys are a type of trolley that uses an electric motor to move around. This is in contrast to the manual cart that cannot move on its own and has to rely on you to push it pull it.

Electric golf trolleys make transporting your golfing equipment a breeze by doing all the hard work for you. As a result, you can walk and play without having to haul the equipment yourself, or having to hire someone to do it for you.

Types of Electric Golf Trolleys

An electric golf trolley or golf cart comprises these major parts: a platform and frame, a handle, an electric motor, a rechargeable battery, and wheels to move it around. Talking of wheels, these carts come in the following configurations or styles: 2 wheels, 3 wheels, and 4 wheels.

2 Wheel Golf Trolley

This can be a scooter or skateboard-like trolley and often a stand-on type that you can use to move around with ease. Although not as elaborate or stable as the other types, the 2 wheel golf trolley offers a simple way to carry your golf bag without straining. It’s a straightforward trolley to use.

3 Wheel Electric Golf Trolley

The 3 wheel electric golf trolley is one of the most popular, owing to its simple design that does not sacrifice on stability. It also maneuvers easily and can be used for both small and large loads depending on the design and motor rating.

4 Wheel Golf Trolley

This type uses four wheels to further enhance stability and aesthetics. Versions vary widely, from the stand-on scooter to the large, roofed trolley with seats. We recommend this type of trolley if your course has a challenging terrain, if you intend to use it for heavier loads, or if looking to use for more than carrying your golfing bag.

Battery powered golf trolleys
Battery powered golf trolleys
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Are Electric Golf Trolleys Worth It?

They are! These trolleys provide functional and convenience benefits that are worth investing in. These range from allowing you to focus on the game to being an eco-friendly transportation means on the golf course, as listed below; but first, about the manual golf trolley and its drawbacks.

Manual Golf Trolleys

Manual golf trolleys use no motor. So you have to move them around yourself, either by pulling or pushing the provided handle. This can exhaust you by putting a strain on your body. In addition, you cannot have extra features—such as remote control—on a manual trolley, which limits its usability and confort.

Benefits of Electric Golf Trolleys

Electric golf trolleys reduce the exhaustion caused by the physical strain on your body if you had to carry a bag or push a cart. This allows you to give the game your all. Other benefits include:

  • Electric golf trolleys help speed up the game to make it more fulfilling, since you spend less time moving between holes
  • With the extra features that come with electric golf trolleys, you have with you a versatile can that includes convenience features like GPS and others such as an electric golf trolley that follows you.
  • When compared to the traditional cart that uses nonrenewable energy, electric golf trolleys or carts are an ecofriendly choice
Electric golf trolleys with remote control
Electric golf trolleys with remote control
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Which Electric Golf Trolleys Should I Buy?

Or rather, what are the best golf trolleys to buy? The answer is that it depends. Several factors, such as your golfing transportation needs and preferred features will usually come into play. Below, we have these features explained to help you make a choice.

Electric Golf Trolley with Lithium Battery

A lithium battery is lightweight, durable, and offers a higher Ah capacity to power your trolley. It also charges quickly. So it’s often the preferred type of battery. A golf trolley with lithium battery will cost more, though, than a trolley that comes with a lead acid battery.

Electric Golf Trolley with GPS

GPS is the shortened form for global positioning system. This system provides a way of determining position and is often used for navigation purposes. An electric golf trolley with GPS will, therefore, be able to provide helpful information about the course and enhance gameplay. Although not a necessity, it makes your trolley more than a transportation vehicle.

Electric Golf Trolley with Remote Control

The best electric golf trolleys will usually have this feature. It allows you to operate the trolley from afar and control its direction and speed. This not only provides for greater convenience when on the golf course, but it also means a trolley that lets you concentrate more on the game.

Electric Golf Trolley with Seat

An electric golf trolley with seat attachments does more than transport your golfing equipment. It provides for a place to rest on while moving around, which means a better gaming experience where you do not strain your feet. This seat is usually detachable, plus you can customize it to suit your preferences for comfort.


Electric golf trolleys, also called electric golf carts, are a convenient way to move around a good course with your equipment. It offers the benefits if a motorized carry cart while also including advanced comfort and functional features such as GPS integration and remote control. Based on your needs and needs you can also choose from a 2 and 3 wheeler, to a 4 wheeled trolley.

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