Electric Cargo Bike and How to Buy One

   3 wheel electric cargo bike, also called electric cargo trike
3 wheel electric cargo bike, also called electric cargo trike
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The electric cargo bike, which is also commonly shortened to e cargo bike, is a popular way to carry cargoes. Using the force provided by an electric motor, it enables you (the rider), pedal with much ease—even in difficult terrain. That’s in addition to allowing you to carry heavier loads. Here, we have all you need to understand this type of cargo carrying bike, including how to buy one.

What is an Electric Cargo Bike?

An electric cargo bike is a type of cargo bike that uses the assistance of an electric motor to move. In other words, it comes equipped with a motor to add power to the pedals and make pedaling and transporting goods much easier.

That’s not all. Because it carries cargo, an electric assist cargo bike also features a sturdy frame and a conveniently positioned cargo area or box. This provides a reliable support for weight, as well as enhanced handling or maneuverability.

Electric Cargo Bike Market

How popular are e cargo bikes? In this survey report by Persistence Market Research, the electric cargo bike market was estimated to be $630 million in 2022. This market, based on the same report, is predicted to reach $2.1 billion by the year 2032, after an annual CAGR growth of 11.9%.

As you can see, these bikes are rapidly being adopted today, with consistent statistics in many different parts of the world. So how does it compare to the traditional manual or non-electric cargo bike that you pedal yourself? You may ask. Let’s see.

Non Electric Cargo Bike

With a non-electric cargo bike, all the energy to propel it comes from you. In difficult terrain, that can be a big challenge, not to mention situations that require you to carry heavy loads. The electric bike cargo bike thus provides the following benefits, both in urban and countryside roads:

  • Ability to pedal faster and longer distance without wearing out
  • An eco-friendly way to transport cargoes
  • Noise-free transportation, especially in cities where noise pollution is a concern
  • A sustainable alternative to vehicles that are powered by fossil fuels
  • Ability to navigate tricky urban areas such as congested streets and places where vehicles are restricted

Electric tricycle cargo bike
Electric tricycle cargo bike
Resource: https://www.researchgate.net

How Fast Can an Electric Cargo Bike Go?

An electric powered or electric assist cargo bike can reach speeds of up to 15 mph on the lower end and up to 28 mph on the upper scale. A lot depends on its design and how powerful the motor is.

Other factors that could affect your electric cargo bike speed include the amount of weight being carried, the amount of wind resistance, and terrain.

It’s good to note that in all instances, your locality’s rules and regulations will determine the speed at which you can ride your e cargo bike, and these vary from one region of the globe to another.

Electric cargo bike styles
Electric cargo bike styles
Resource: https://www.sciencedirect.com

Electric Cargo Bike Comparison

Different styles of the e cargo bike are being made today. These are generally categorized based on one, the position of the cargo carrying box and two, and the number of wheels. Each has its advantages and downsides. To give you an idea of what to expect from each, let’s compare them below.

Electric Front Cargo Bike

This type of electric cargo bike has the cargo box in the front and low, usually between the handlebars and the front wheel. Several factors inspire the front load cargo bike design. These include the need for greater stability and maneuverability. With these bikes, you also get to keep an eye on your cargo or passengers for safety, especially when carrying kids.

Electric Rear Cargo Bike

Just as its name seems to suggest, the electric rear cargo bike has the carry area in the rear. In addition to allowing a longer space in which to haul goods, this design means better road visibility for the rider. These features make it a popular type of the cargo bike, more so in urban area roads such as congested city streets.

Electric Tricycle Cargo Bike

In addition to the loader box, a cargo bike can be a 3 wheeled type. This is commonly called a tricycle or trike. An electric cargo trike features one wheel in the front and in the rear. This makes it a more stable bike than a two wheeler, especially when stationary or at lower speed. A three wheel electric cargo bike will also carry more and bulkier loads.

Electric Cargo Bike Van

This is a covered electric cargo bike. In other words, it’s a tricycle cargo bike that’s been covered to assume the shape of a small van and protect goods or passengers. An electric cargo bike van can be a three or four wheeler depending on the required amount of stability or convenience. It can also be different sizes.

Using electric cargo bike for family shopping
Using electric cargo bike for family shopping
Resource: https://www.researchgate.net

Best Electric Cargo Bike

What’s the best electric cargo bike for you, given their different designs and other variations such as motor and battery ratings? Generally, people buy cargo bikes to use in their homes or business, so we’ll compare these and provide the features to look for.

Best Electric Cargo Bike for Family

Electric cargo bikes for families can be used to transport kids to and from school or run errands such as picking household supplies and other needs. For passenger transportation, ensure the bike comes with enough seating capacity and safety features like passenger safety belts.

Ensure also, that it offers comfort, although this feature may be customizable. For supplies, look to see that it has enough room and is easy to handle and balance when loaded. This feature is mostly found in a front loaded bike or three-wheeler.

Best Electric Cargo Bike for Business

You can also use your electric cargo bike for commercial transportation purposes. These include mobile selling of goods or advertisement, goods delivery to customers, and others. If looking for such, consider its load capacity as one of the most important features.

Also, look for a bike that features a sturdy construction and can withstand the frequent and heavy usage needs of a business environment. You may also want an e cargo bike that you can easily customize, or a bike that you can load and unload with ease.


An electric cargo bike is a green and easy way to haul goods or carry passengers. A preferred option for challenging terrain and heavier cargo than the manual type, e cargo bikes provide a noiseless transportation method. This bike is also manufactured in several different versions or styles, which gives you plenty of options when buying one, whether intending to use it for family or business transportation needs.

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