Top 7 E Rickshaw Parts Manufacturers in Delhi

E Rickshaw Parts in Delhi

Are you looking for premium E Rickshaw parts in Delhi? There is no need to look any further! E Rickshaw parts suppliers abound in Delhi, supplying excellent parts for your electric vehicle. You’ll find everything you need to keep your E Rickshaw running smoothly and securely on Delhi’s roads, whether you need a new motor, controller, battery, charger, tires, suspension, or brakes. With dependable and long-lasting parts, you can be certain that your E Rickshaw will provide a comfortable and efficient trip for your passengers while also assisting you in lowering your carbon footprint.

Market Research

Between 2023 and 2025, the Indian electric rickshaw industry will grow at a 33.3% CAGR. Within this rate, the market is expected to grow from $786.2 million in 2023 to $1,394.2 million by 2025. Because most people in Indian cities are still impoverished, there has always been a great need for low-cost public transportation, particularly for short distances. Rides on the country’s electric rickshaws, typically one kilometer long, cost around INR 10 per passenger, much cheaper than combining a two-wheeler or vehicle or using an autorickshaw. In addition, if four individuals share an e-rickshaw for five kilometers, the cost per person is INR 15, while the driver receives INR 120. The superior operational cost dynamics provided by these vehicles to their owners are another element fueling the rise of the Indian electric rickshaw business.

Top 7 E Rickshaw Parts in Delhi

Arna Electric Auto E Rickshaw Parts

Arna Electric Auto E Rickshaw Parts

Arna Electric Auto Private Limited, founded in June 2016, is one of the leading producers and traders of an extensive selection of Special Purpose Battery Operated Electric Rickshaw. The product line includes good-quality E Rickshaw, Electric Rickshaws, and E Loader. These are designed with excellent inputs and are available in various configurations to meet clients’ needs. Customers widely value these rickshaw varieties due to their remarkable endurance, minimal maintenance, quality approval, user-friendliness, and resistance to damage.

Arna Electric Auto Private Limited Homepage:

About Arna Electric Auto Private Limited:

Arna Electric Auto E Rickshaw Parts:

Arna Electric Auto Private Limited Other Products:

Nanya Airconn E Rickshaw Parts

Nanya Airconn E Rickshaw Parts

Nanya Airconn Pvt. Ltd. Ltd is one of India’s largest importers and sellers of E Rickshaw and other electric vehicle replacement parts. Products are marketed under the brand name “NANYA” by the company. In addition, the firm is an OEM producer of 3 Burner gas stoves and Induction cookers with capacities of 10,000 and 30,000 units, respectively. The customers for Electric Rickshaw components include the country’s major brands, such as YC, DMW, ELE, GOENKA, and many more.

Nanya Airconn Private Limited Homepage:

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Nanya Airconn E Rickshaw Parts:

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R.K. Udyog E Rickshaw Parts

R.K. Udyog E Rickshaw Parts

R. K. Udyog was founded in 1982 and is the world’s leading manufacturer, supplier, and trader of automotive components. Through over 30 years of experience in this industry, they can provide a diverse range of products made using time-tested accessories. They are well-known for the excellent finish of their goods, as well as their durability and technological prowess. They have established an ideal infrastructural base in Delhi (India), where they perform various business activities. The manufacturing plant employs high-tech machinery and modern tools to make these things. This company has also formed an in-house design team with current CAD/CAM software for product enhancement.

R.K. Udyog Homepage:

About R.K. Udyog:

R.K. Udyog E Rickshaw Parts:

R.K. Udyog Other Products:

J.M.D. E-Vehicles Hub E Rickshaw Parts

J.M.D. E-Vehicles Hub E Rickshaw Parts

J.M.D. E-Vehicles Hub was established in 2021 and is a Manufacturer of Electric Rickshaw Spare Parts in Delhi, E Rickshaw Accessories, Electric Scooter, Electric Bicycle Kit, Electric Rickshaw, E Rickshaw Light, etc. They always focus on meeting customers’ expectations by offering excellent products that meet their needs. Furthermore, to maintain good customer relations, they adhere to moral business practices and absolute openness in their dealings. They express appreciation for “Mr. Bijendra Singh, whose unwavering support and guidance have helped them to grow exponentially in the current industry.

J.M.D. E-Vehicles Hub Homepage:

About J.M.D. E-Vehicles Hub:

J.M.D. E-Vehicles Hub E Rickshaw Parts:

J.M.D. E-Vehicles Hub Other Products:

Auto Die Cast E Rickshaw Parts

Auto Die Cast E Rickshaw Parts

They have been a prominent manufacturer and supplier of automotive components since 1986. They are a producer, seller, and exporter of Two Wheeler Spare Parts such as Two Wheeler Brake Shoe, Two Wheeler Rear Brake Drum, Aluminium Die Casting, and Two Wheeler Brake Shoe plates, among other products. These items are used in two-wheelers, three-wheelers, and e-rickshaws. Auto Die Cast (India) has over three decades of pressure die casting experience and specializes in delivering good precision Aluminium Alloy Pressure Die Cast components for the automotive and non-automotive sectors, as the customer requires.

Auto Die Cast Homepage:

About Auto Die Cast:

Auto Die Cast E Rickshaw Parts:

Auto Die Cast Other Products:

Gauri E Rickshaw Parts

Gauri E Rickshaw Parts

GAURI AUTO INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED is a renowned producer of three-wheelers, E-Rickshaws, and automotive spare parts under the trademark ‘GARUD.’ They are proud to have sophisticated facilities which feature cutting-edge technology. Established in 2010, they are dedicated to providing world-class solutions in the automotive sector. They intend to become the most reputable automobile manufacturer, exporter, supplier, and service provider.

Gauri Homepage:

About Gauri:

Gauri E Rickshaw Parts:

Gauri Other Products:

Baba E-Rickshaw Parts

Baba E-Rickshaw Parts

CHEHAK BATTERIES INDIA is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of eco-friendly battery-powered vehicles. The firm specializes in producing ICAT Certified E-Rickshaws and E-Carts (per the 16th Amendment to the Motor Vehicle Act). CHEHAK BATTERIES has a strong technical and talented labor force with hands-on expertise in the automotive and aviation industries. The company aims to create excellent E-Rickshaws and E-Carts while providing dedicated customer service and satisfaction. So that each product that leaves the factory offers maximum safety, comfort, and utility to both the driver and the passengers, resulting in “Value for Money.”

Baba E-Rickshaw Homepage:

About Baba E-Rickshaw:

Baba E Rickshaw Parts:

Baba E-Rickshaw Other Products:

Factors to Consider When Choosing an E Rickshaw Parts in Delhi

There are several aspects to consider while selecting E Rickshaw parts in Delhi to ensure you obtain the correct parts for your vehicle. Here are some important considerations to bear in mind:

Factors to Consider When Choosing an E Rickshaw Parts in Delhi

The reliability

The parts’ quality is critical to ensuring that your E Rickshaw functions smoothly and safely. Look for details made by reputable producers that meet the needed quality standards.


Ensure the components you choose are compatible with the manufacturer and model of your E Rickshaw. Choosing the right parts might improve performance, safety issues, and even vehicle damage.


Consider the cost of the parts and if they are a good investment. However, don’t skimp on quality to save money.


Check to be you can get them when you need them. Explore ways to avoid delays in repairs and maintenance.


Inspect to verify whether the items come with a warranty or guarantee. This gives you the tranquility of mind realizing that if the parts fail prematurely, you may get a replacement or repair.


E-rickshaw components are necessary for vehicle upkeep and repair. An E-rickshaw’s seamless functioning and safety require a high-quality battery, motor, controller, brakes, suspension, tires, and lights. Choosing E Rickshaw Spare Parts in Delhi components that are compatible with the e-rickshaw and operate effectively is vital. By using reliable replacement components and conducting regular maintenance, e-rickshaws may provide an efficient, eco-friendly, and economical mode of transportation.

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