E Rickshaw Motor Manufacturer

For more than 20 years, Minghong has been a top electric tricycle producer and has offered cutting-edge transportation options. We concentrate on providing durable, secure, and affordable electric trike parts and motors.

Minghong Brushless DC Electric Motor

Minghong 48V 500W Brushless Motor

Minghong 48V 500W Brushless Motor

Minghong 48V 750W Brushless Motor

Minghong 48V 750W Brushless Motor

Minghong 24V DC Motor

Minghong 24V DC Motor

Minghong 60V 750W BLDC Motor

Minghong 60V 750W BLDC Motor

E Rickshaw Motor Features

A high-performance silicon steel sheet is utilized in the Minghong e-rickshaw motor to reduce iron loss. Neodymium magnets, which are used in our products, will never lose their magnetic properties. Adopt pure copper varnished, oxygen-free, low, and temperature-resistant wire. Fast speed up, strong torque, low noise, and outstanding waterproof performance IP67 are all features of Minghong motors.
E Rickshaw Motor Features

Long lasting Output Voltage

The Minghong e-rickshaw motor's output voltage is constant, long-lasting, and wear-resistant.

Wide Usage Variation

In addition to electric freight tricycles, billet pullers, various types of vehicles, and other driving equipment, our e-rickshaw motor can be used in multiple other units.

Break System

There is a third forward braking effect; drum brakes have a large radius, a large brake contact area, and a high braking force; and fourth, there is a vast radiating area.

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MingHong Tricycle Motor Kit Supplier

We have many years of expertise offering our clients high-quality, energy-efficient electric rickshaw motors as a leading producer and supplier. We provide products that satisfy our consumers’ wants since we know their needs. Our cutting-edge facility is outfitted with the latest tools and machinery to ensure the quick manufacturing of the most dependable and effective electric rickshaw motors. We also provide specially-made pedicabs to serve your specific needs best.

Excellent Customer Support

Minghong has a staff of online customer service representatives available around-the-clock to assist you anytime you need them.

Technical Advantages

We have off-site welding robots, high-temperature dust-free coating lines, and southwest China's most modern production lines.

Global E Rickshaw Provider

Minghong operates internationally, serving more than 50 nations.

Field Experts

Minghong has more than 20 years of manufacturing experience and is an electric rickshaws expert.

MingHong E Rickshaw

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