E Rickshaw Motor Controller

Minghong is a well-known manufacturer of electric tricycles with expertise in the development, production, quality assurance, and selling of e-rickshaw motors, gearboxes, and control systems.


Why Choose Minghong Motor Controller

The BLDC motor frequently pairs with the Minghong controller. Our attention is on the accessories for electric vehicles. It has a good heat dissipation effect due to the aluminum shell. Additionally, our controller is built with premium chips that are intelligent and capable of self-identifying phases. And installing it is simple.

E Rickshaw Controller Motor Why Us

Enhance Your Commuting Efficiency with Our E Rickshaw Motor Controller!

Minghong E Rickshaw why us

Your Best Electric Bicycle Brand

Minghong produces vehicles and replacement parts for e-rickshaws. Our manufacturing and product development capabilities are vital.

Our primary offerings include the electric wheelchair motor series, an electric wheelchair joystick controller series, an electric bicycle controller, an electric tricycle controller, an electric rickshaw controller, and an electric scooter controller.

Customers can choose from various electric vehicle alternatives thanks to Minghong.


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