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Electric Rickshaw Buying Guide

Electric rickshaws are a popular short-distance transportation option worldwide. They serve small businesses worldwide, helping to carry supplies and people. In developing countries, entrepreneurs and small businesses rely on electric rickshaws to get work done.

They’re an affordable, sustainable transportation solution perfect for cities and rural areas. With quality parts and an innovative manufacturing process, the latest electric rickshaws deliver an excellent return on investment for buyers. 

But how do you buy an electric rickshaw? What features are important, and how do you approach maintenance to get the most out of your purchase? 

Making the right decisions and knowing what to look for is essential in buying any vehicle. Here’s your guide to buying an electric rickshaw to help you make the best choice. 

What Is an Electric Rickshaw?

Electric rickshaws have been around for years in places like China, but they’re becoming more common in other parts of the world. People tend to prefer electric rickshaws or tricycles because they are a convenient and relatively inexpensive way to get around.

But how do these three-wheeled vehicles work? Electric rickshaws typically have a battery installed under the seat that powers an electric motor. This motor connects to the rear axle, which pushes the vehicle forward whenever the driver applies the accelerator.

Zero emissions and affordability are two of the most significant advantages of electric rickshaws. They’re an eco-friendly transportation option perfect for families and small businesses because they fit in small spaces and are easy to charge. 

How do Electric Rickshaws Work?

There are different styles of electric rickshaws, but most of them are tricycles. The three-wheeled vehicles use powerful lithium or lead-acid batteries that usually sit under the driver seat and connect to an electric motor on the rear-wheel axle. 

The size and power of the batteries impact how far and fast an electric rickshaw can drive. In addition, the number of passengers and load weight will affect performance. However, modern electric rickshaws use advanced technology that is a vast improvement over previous generations. As a result, current electric rickshaw models can carry heavy loads and travel far distances between charges. 

How Many Types of Electric Rickshaws Are There?

Electric rickshaws are usually divided into the following categories:

  • Fully enclosed rickshaws
  • Semi-enclosed rickshaws
  • No-roof rickshaw

As you can see, the main difference relates to the vehicle’s body structure. 

In addition, electric rickshaws come in different configurations designed to carry various passenger loads (most offer 2-10 passenger configurations). Other options include performance and aesthetic features. 

What Are Electric Rickshaws Used For? 

Electric rickshaws serve a wide range of purposes for their owners. As mentioned previously, small business owners use rickshaws for logistics and deliveries. In many developing countries, electric rickshaws offer families transportation without relying on fossil fuels. 

Here’s a look at some common uses for electric rickshaws:

Rickshaw Fleet

Electric rickshaws are a popular fleet option for companies interested in an eco-friendly, affordable, and flexible transportation choice. They are ideal for short or long trips and can navigate tight spaces on city streets. In addition, employees can learn to operate them much easier than most fuel-powered vehicles, making them a fast, practical choice. 

Tourism (Tuk Tuks)

Tuk Tuks are a traditional Thai three-wheeled vehicle. However, due to noise and pollution concerns, Thailand is slowly phasing out gas-powered vehicles. Instead, many tourism companies and tour providers are switching to electric rickshaws to deliver cultural experiences without the smoke and noise. 

These vehicles are a lot of fun! The open-air build lets passengers take in the sights as they cruise around the city or countryside. 

Suburban Travel

Many people in suburban settings use electric rickshaws to get around. Residents can hop on a rickshaw to go to the store, school, or visit friends in places like gated communities. They’re more affordable than many golf cart options that luxury communities use. An electric rickshaw can also go faster and farther on a single charge. 

Rickshaw Taxis

Taxi drivers in developing countries are increasingly using electric rickshaws to carry passengers. As a result, they typically have fewer maintenance requirements, and owners can save money on gas. 

With a rickshaw taxi, drivers don’t have to worry about parking. Instead, they can position their vehicles in unique locations and tight spaces. 

Technical Parameters 


Minghong Vehicle


800W -1500w


35km/h – 60km/h


50Ah – 200Ah

Load Capacity

2 – 10 Passengers

Brake Type

Mechanical Drum Brake/ Disc brake 

Price Range

$250 – $1500 (No battery and other charges)

How Much Does an Electric Rickshaw Cost?

Several factors impact how much an electric rickshaw costs. Vehicle prices vary based on the following:

  • Personal or commercial use
  • Expected daily mileage
  • Battery type
  • Passenger capacity

Some manufacturers will customize electric rickshaws to specific customer orders. Others, however, have varying options to choose from, with minimal customization options like colors, displays, roofs, tires, etc.

Vehicle Type

Minimum Price

Maximum Price

Capacity (not incl. Driver)

No-Roof Rickshaw



1 passenger




4-6 passengers

Electric Tuk Tuk



4-6 passengers

(Battery not included)


Battery Type


Minimum Price

Maximum Price

Lead Acid Battery




Lithium Battery




Lithium Battery




Note: Lithium battery prices fluctuate. This table is for reference only.

How to Choose the Best Electric Rickshaw?

Whether they’re looking for an eco-friendly commercial vehicle or a fun recreational transportation option, it’s essential to choose the best electric rickshaw for the money. Current offerings deliver outstanding performance and durability with low ongoing maintenance costs. 

However, many wonder what options to choose from and how to get the best price. Here are a few things to consider while shopping for an electric rickshaw.

Battery Life – Battery life impacts price and performance. Not everyone needs the highest-capacity battery, so consider how far you’ll likely drive the rickshaw daily and then decide on the appropriate capacity.

Weight Capacity – Commercial electric rickshaws typically need more weight-bearing capacity. If you’re carrying passengers or cargo, choose a vehicle that can carry more weight to avoid putting undue stress on the frame or pushing the battery too hard. 

Terrain – Where the vehicle will drive, and road conditions should also influence the purchasing decision. Any model will be acceptable on high-quality roadways. However, if you’re planning on driving off-road or on challenging roads, you’ll need a rickshaw with larger wheels and a more powerful motor. 

When in doubt, talk to the rickshaw manufacturer or seller about which model best suits your needs. Choosing the right model during the buying process will translate into better long-term performance and lower maintenance costs. 

How to Use an Electric Rickshaw for Beginners?

Electric Rickshaws are a great way to get around in cities, small towns, and rural areas. They’re easy to drive, and people can learn how to operate them in minutes. An electric rickshaw delivers a comfortable, eco-friendly ride at an affordable price. 

If you’re new to driving rickshaws or electric vehicles, here are a few tips to help you get started. 

  1. Learn the Controls – Most electric rickshaws come with a throttle on the right handlebar, similar to a motorcycle. The brake lever is located on the left handlebar, along with a headlight switch. Before you drive, familiarize yourself with the controls and give the vehicle a test run somewhere without other traffic. 
  2. Notice Your Surroundings – Be an aware and safe driver. In some countries, electric rickshaws drive on sidewalks and roadways, meaning drivers have more distractions and safety risks. Drive defensively to avoid accidents. 
  3. Charge Regularly – Develop a habit of charging your rickshaw while not using it. This will guarantee full battery life whenever you need to drive. If you’re driving the rickshaw daily, you may want to invest in a home charging station that fills the battery faster than a traditional outlet. 

Electric rickshaws are a fantastic and flexible transportation choice! Start the process and choose your model today, so you can start exploring or get business done faster right away!

E Rickshaw Price

Minghong Vehicle Aries X

Minghong Aries X

Price Range: $1260-$1500

Minghong Vehicle Aries Classic

Minghong Aries Classic

Price Range: $660-$749

Minghong Vehicle ET-1

Minghong ET-1

Price Range: $252-$342

What Can Electric Rickshaw Be Used For?

For TUK TUK Tour

These vehicles are a lot of fun! The open-air build lets passengers take in the sights as they cruise around the city or countryside.

For Suburban travel

Residents can hop on a rickshaw to go to the store, school, or visit friends in places like gated communities.

For Passenger Transport

Taxi drivers in developing countries are increasingly using electric rickshaws to carry passengers.

Why Choose Minghong Electric Rickshaw Manufacturer

As a leading electric rickshaw manufacturer & supplier, we have many years of experience providing high-quality, energy-efficient electric rickshaws to our customers. We understand the requirements of our customers and provide them with products that can meet their needs.

Our modern plant is equipped with the latest machinery and equipment to ensure swift production of the most reliable and efficient electric rickshaws. We also provide you with custom-designed pedicabs to meet your individual needs.

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Minghong has over 20 years of manufacturing background with expertise in electric rickshaws.

Technical Advantages

We have the most advanced production lines in the southwest of China, high temperature dust-free coating lines, off-site welding robots, etc.


Minghong offers a budget-friendly electric tricycle without compromising on quality.


We have gained the certificate of ISO 9001, CCC, SGS, CE, and CEC.

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