E-Rickshaw Components List: Essential Parts for Three-Wheelers

E-Rickshaw Components List

An electric trike with three wheels is known as an e-rickshaw. The vehicle runs on batteries and can carry passengers or cargo, which are currently utilized by numerous companies for business needs and by the owners themselves for domestic tasks. There are different types of e rickshaw which are based on their components. And now, let’s unveil these critical components of the e-rickshaw regarding its motor and powertrain, chassis and frame, steering and control, lighting and electrical, seating and passenger comfort, and safety and security.

E-Rickshaw Components List

Here is the E rickshaw all parts list based on their specs. It Includes:

Motor and Powertrain Components

The motor and power train of an e-rickshaw can produce and transmit power to the road’s surface. This includes the following:

Motor and Powertrain Components
  • Brushless DC Motor- It produces both the braking force and the power needed to move and stop the electric trike. This type of motor is small, highly efficient, and requires minimal maintenance. The motor moves the vehicle forward by converting electrical energy from the battery into mechanical energy.
  • Reduction drive- This is the drive that regulates the shifting of the motor. It also serves as a line to transfer power to the wheels.
  • PDM- This is the composition of the DC converter, charger, and junction box. Charger for charging, DC for converting the high voltage to low, and junction box as a distributor of electrical power to different parts.
  • Inverter- It controls the electrical current to prevent power from running at full speed. The smoother start of the E-rickshaw is due to its inverter that saves energy.

Chassis and Frame Components

Most e-rickshaws have a mild steel tubular chassis that gives the car fundamental foundation and rigidity. It accommodates the weight of every component of the E-rickshaw. Additionally, it has installation locations for the wheels, suspension, and whole structure. Key elements of e-rickshaw chassis frames typically include the following:

Chassis and Frame Components
  • Main Frame-The main structural support of the vehicle.
  • Steering System- It controls the e-rickshaw’s direction, it is composed of the steering wheel itself, column, and linkage.
  • Seats- It is installed on the main frame, responsible for the most comfortable ride.
  • Suspension- Its function is to improve stability. Its system is composed of an absorber and a spring.
  • Body Panels- These serve as a protective support for E-rickshaws, mostly metal or plastic-made.
  • Wheels- This vehicle has 3 to 4 wheels. It is responsible for moving the E-rickshaw.
  • Battery Compartment- It is where the battery is installed.
  • Motor Mount- It is where the electric motor is attached to the chassis frame.

Steering and Control Components

E-rickshaw steering and control components are responsible for the direction of the vehicle and most likely serve as indicators for the system’s speed, battery level, and other information. The steering system of an e-rickshaw consists of a:

Steering and Control Components
  • Steering wheel- A rotating wheel in front of the driver to maneuver the E-rickshaw.
  • Column- Its function is to connect the steering wheel itself to the steering mechanism.
  • Linkage- Its function is to transmit the motion of the steering wheel to the wheels of the vehicle. It helps to control direction.
  • Brakes- This stops or deaccelerates the vehicle. It is composed of brake pads, discs, and drums.
  • Additionally, e-rickshaws are equipped with standard automotive controls such as steering, brakes, headlights, and turn signals for safe and efficient operation.

Lighting and Electrical Components

E-rickshaw lighting and electrical components include the following:

Lighting and Electrical Components
  • Battery- There are two types of battery to consider, lead-acid type and deep cycle type. The former is much cheaper and is readily available but only lasts long for a maximum of 1 year. On the other hand, the latter was less commonly used in E-rickshaw, thus finding E-rickshaw with this is hard, but it lasts longer.
  • Controller- Its function is to transfer the direct flow of electricity to the alternate current. It controls the flow of power, speed, and performance.
  • Wiring- Cables used for recharging and also transmitting electrical energy to various locations.
  • Junction box- Serves as a distributor of electrical power to different parts.

Seating and Passenger Comfort Components

E-rickshaw seating and passenger comfort components make it easy for both passengers and drivers to last a long journey comfortably:

Seating and Passenger Comfort Components
  • E-rickshaw seat- Its installation is simple, as well as cleaning its surface. Designed to support bottom and the back.
  • Cushion- It is stuffed with soft cotton or foam to provide the most comfortable ride for passengers.
  • Seat steel Frames- These ensure providing durable and less maintenance seats. It is coated with a tubular powder coated.

Safety and Security Components

E-rickshaw safety and security components ensure a safe ride. It includes the following:

Safety and Security Components
  • Seat belts- It is an E-rickshaw safety device, also referred to as a safety belt, made to hold the driver or a passenger in place in the event of an accident or a sudden stop.
  • Rearview mirrors- E-rickshaw, just like any other vehicle, was equipped with rearview mirrors to allow the driver to see the area behind the vehicle.
  • Headlights- Its purpose is to maximize your visibility while operating a vehicle. It illuminates the road, thus less prone to accidents.

Moreover, an E-rickshaw was equipped with reflectors and horns.

Significance of E-Rickshaw in Performance and Safety

For those who have trouble walking or standing for extended periods of time, an E-rickshaw offers a convenient and secure means of transit. With a supportive backrest and armrests for additional support, the passenger seat is made to be as comfortable as possible.

Significance of E-Rickshaw in Performance and Safety

E-rickshaws offer great performance on the road. Being a battery-operated vehicle, it considerably survives longer on the road. Plus, it is safer and much more comfortable to ride for traveling. It offers comfort to both passengers and drivers with its cushioned seat and it produces less noise and vibrations. Since it uses a battery to power it, it is a hundred percent eco-friendly because it does not emit any kind of smoke while in use. It is not just safe for people, but also for the environment.


E-rickshaws have different components based on their specifications. Each component is important for the successful manufacturing of this kind of vehicle. The E-rickshaw has six major components: motor and powertrain, chassis and frame, steering and control, lighting and electrical, seating and passenger comfort, and safety and security. To ensure producing the best quality e-rickshaw vehicle, these critical parts are significantly employed. When finding e rickshaw parts wholesale market, always remember to check not just the quality itself, but also its credentials and reputation.

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