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Minghong specializes in electric rickshaws, sometimes called battery rickshaws or e-rickshaws. The International Centre for Automotive Technology has authorized all our rickshaw bodies to be tested and created following CMVR regulations.

E Rickshaw Body Parts Features

E Rickshaw Body Features

Minghong e-rickshaw bodies consist of center flooring, rear bumper, passenger target, front flooring, and engine door.

Parts are also provided with galvanized and paint coatings that offer excellent resistance against harsh weather conditions such as sunlight, ultraviolet rays, moisture, dirt, dust, and water attacks.

Our e-rickshaw body can be customized into different sizes as per the make and model of the vehicle in which they will be used.

Made up of Premium Grade Material

Corrosion Resistant


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ISO 9001


25+ Years









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MingHong E Rickshaw Chassis Body Manufacturer

Minghong has outperformed its competitors in the business by upholding an unwavering approach to quality. We provide clients with items that meet their needs and adhere to international standards. Minghong’s quality inspectors continue to take a strict stance throughout the procurement procedure. They make sure that the collection is only purchased from reputable suppliers. Before we send a product to a customer, we extensively inspect it. We guarantee the products’ excellence and transport them by abiding by strict quality regulations using quality control techniques and a reliable vendor base. These factors have led to us becoming our clients’ first choice.

24/7 Customer Support

Our excellent customer support team always offers assistance whenever needed since we value our relationships with our clients.

High Efficiency

Efficiency is a top priority for us at every level of product development. Minghong engineers created products that work incredibly well.

Precise Design

We try to make the most of the underlying technologies—more intelligent design results in superior products.

Certified Product

Minghong only makes products available on the market after rigorous performance tests have been completed on each one.

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