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As one of the leading e-rickshaw battery manufacturers, Minghong contributes to international standards of world-class electronic vehicle batteries. We offer the best e-rickshaw battery with state-of-the-art features, making our brand atop others.

Minghong E Rickshaw Battery List

Minghong Lead-Acid Battery

Minghong Lead-Acid Battery

Minghong Lithium-Ion Battery

Minghong Lithium-Ion Battery

Minghong Nickel-Metal Hydride Battery

Minghong Nickel-Metal Hydride Battery

E-Rickshaw Battery Features

In the market for rechargeable solid lead acid storage batteries, which power the e-rickshaws, Minghong is, without a doubt, the market leader. Due to their cutting-edge characteristics and features, our e-rickshaw batteries outperform our competitors by a wide margin.

Double Clad Separation

Boosts the reliability & service life of these Minghong e-rickshaw batteries by preventing plate shedding during complex vibration.

Optimised Alloy System

Reduces the pace of degradation by preventing corrosion in positive plates.

Robust Grid Design

Our batteries' improved paste chemistry guarantees longer life and consistent performance in use.

Minghong Lithium-Ion Battery

Lug Type Take-off and Fasteners

Batteries can be quickly attached to the circuit with lug-type take-off and fasteners.

Ready for Commissioning

Minghong e-rickshaw batteries are delivered in a factory-charged state and ready for commissioning.

Side Vented Lid and Bottom Anchoring

The side-vented lid provides excellent spill-proof properties, and the element's bottom anchoring ensures application dependability.

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E Rickshaw Battery Dealership

Minghong has developed precisely constructed and technologically advanced e-rickshaw batteries for these electric three-wheelers to meet the rapidly expanding demand for e-rickshaws worldwide. At the company’s Research and Development (R&D) Centre, a strong storm with a unique design called the Minghong Plus was created. The e-rickshaw market has become one of the most demanding in the auto sector, and Minghong has designed Minghong Plus, utilizing its extensive expertise operating in the Indian environment. This Minghong e-rickshaw battery – Minghong Plus, is far superior to what the competition offers in terms of quality and performance.

Quality Control Parameters

With a wet analytical lab and an electrical lab, the company has the most up-to-date equipment for quality control, ensuring quality throughout every production process, from testing raw materials to the finished product.

Excellent Service

Fresh inventory is sent to our customer within 24 hours from the closest location, and we also offer worry-free spent battery removal. This is the axiom for Minghong Battery service.


Because we specialize in offering only the best solutions to developing sealed battery markets, Minghong is expanding quickly. Furthermore, only a few of our rivals can match the expertise we can provide you in these fields due to our laser-like concentration on sealed batteries and these specialized applications.

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