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As one of the leading production products of Minghong Vehicle, we have mastered all the cargo tricycle production details in the past 20 years of development. The variety of products currently on sale, with a wide range of choices, can widely meet the application needs of different scenarios.

Minghong Cargo Tricycle List

Pisces C2

Pisces C3

Pisces Transformers

Minghong Cargo Tricycle Advantages

To control quality and provide the best product, Minghong sets up a testing lab for all products, and there's a QC team with more than 30 staff for IQC, IPQC, QPC and FQC.

Meet various needs

Meet diverse needs: We have designed a variety of cargo tricycles according to different usage scenarios, variety and a wide range of choices. There are various cargo box sizes with a wide range of load-bearing, and you can choose an unenclosed/fully enclosed cargo box. Driver's cab options: uncovered, semi-canopy, fully enclosed.

Wide range of applications

Cargo trikes are widely used in families, urban and rural areas, individual rentals, factories, mines, sanitation, community cleaning and other short-distance transportation fields by their strong applicability, flexibility, simple maintenance, convenient maintenance, low prices and other advantages.

Apparent advantages

Cargo tricycle has a variety of benefits such as practical, convenient, durable, etc. It can be applied to agricultural needs and meet the last mile of urban travel and logistics distribution. Flexible, convenient and low price, it is the best transportation for short-distance distribution.

Flexible action

E rickshaw loader with reversing switch can quickly achieve reverse smooth driving function, which is very practical in the narrow road alley, alley, whether driving parking is very convenient.

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Why Choose Minghong Cargo Tricycle Manufacturer?

As the most prominent cargo tricycle manufacture in Southwest China, Minghong’s R&D is highly praised by the government. We have the most advanced production line in the southwest of China that is equipped with a high temperature dust-free painting line, Japan OTC welding robot and fully automatic manufacturing technology. Currently, it covers an area of more than 200000 square meters and contains over 50 technicians, 50 managers and 600 workers. That is how we can reach annual productivity of more than 200000 vehicles.

In our factory, we can ensure quality by owning the entire process, from grinding high-grade steel and advanced battery power to directly shipping our products to your door. That means we can continually innovate to make your transportation even better.

Excellent Customer Support

Minghong has a 24/7 online customer support team that is ready to help you whenever there's a problem.

Global Electric Tricycle Supplier

Minghong operates globally covering more than 50 countries

Field Experts

Minghong has over 20 years of manufacturing background with expertise in electric tricycles.

Quality Assurance

Minghong has over 300 professionals working on quality control to continuously improve the quality of its products.


Minghong offers a budget-friendly electric tricycle without compromising on quality.

What Our Clients Say!

This small 60 volt electric truck, has so far, been wonderful. We purchased this for use on our off-grid farmstead in Southern Oregon, USA. The model we purchased has a manual lift dump bed with fold down bed sides (turning it into a flatbed). We ordered it with a 3000 watt motor and low gear lock-in option…It will easily haul a heaping load of firewood. Overall, a great deal for the price!

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love this little car. fun to drive and well built. it was carefully packaged for shipping. importing and customs where pricey but was worth it. I would like to thank my communication person Haiwen for all her help

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love to work with this seller. It was my first buying experience with them Elaine make it possible hence i have lot of questions and queries and she always on the top of all by replying me on What’sup even she is out from work and weekends. Elaine many thanks for your support and the efforts you putted for me.

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