7 Best Golf Trolley Manufacturers of 2023

Are you looking for a dependable and top-notch golf trolley? Take a look at these leading golf trolley manufacturers! These companies specialize in designing and producing long-lasting golf trolleys that are easy to use and packed with functions to help you improve your game. From manual push carts to electric and remote-controlled trolleys, the best golf trolley manufacturers provide various options to satisfy several needs and budgets. Put your faith in the experts at the leading golf trolley manufacturers to take your game to the future step!

Golf Trolley Manufacturer

The golf trolley, or a golf cart or push cart, is used to transport golf bags and equipment on the golf course. They are available in various types, including manual push carts, electric trolleys, and remote-controlled trolleys. The most basic golf trolley is the manual push cart, which needs the user to push the cart along the course. They typically consist of three or four wheels and are split up for easy storage and transportation. On the other hand, electric trolleys are powered by a rechargeable battery. They are intended to make it simpler for golfers to transport their equipment.
They are available in some styles, such as manual push carts, electric trolleys, and remote-controlled trolleys. The most basic golf trolley is the manual push cart, which requires the operator to push the cart along the course. They mostly have three or four wheels and fold up for convenient storage and transit. On the other hand, electric trolleys are powered by a rechargeable battery. They are meant to let golfers transfer their equipment more efficiently.

Golf Trolley Manufacturer Market Overview

The adjusted size is expected to reach USD 154.3 million by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 2.1% during the forecast period 2023-2030
People worldwide have been more interested in this sport in recent years. Over 35% of the US population played, read about, or watched the sport in 2023. Golf is popular among people aged 18 to 64 all across the world. People between 18 and 34 are more interested than older adults. Young player participation has been steadily increasing across the globe. Juniors and young adults comprised around 35% of all on-course players in the United States.

Best 7 Golf Trolley Manufacturers

Here are seven of the industry’s top golf trolley manufacturers:

1.Golf Support Golf Trolley Manufacturer

Golfsupport.co.uk Limited’s internet trade name is Golfsupport.co.uk. It was established almost a decade by John Lines, PGA Advanced Professional, and is now managed by Buxton & High Peak Golf Club in Derbyshire. After two years, the site’s popularity grew, and he decided to create a second High Street location in his hometown of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. They are one of the UK’s leading online golf shops, selling excellent equipment from today’s top electric golf trolley brands. They take pleasure in providing exceptional service, the lowest pricing in Europe, and expert advice from any of their PGA pros.

Golf Support Homepage: https://golfsupport.com/
About Golf Support: https://golfsupport.com/info/about-us
Golf Support Golf Trolley Manufacturer: https://golfsupport.com/golf-trolleys
Golf Support Other Products: https://golfsupport.com/golf-trolleys/golf-pull-trolleys

2.Motocaddy Golf Trolley Manufacturer

Motocaddy, a British company, was founded in 2004 to provide the best design, quality, and utility to golfers of all abilities and ages looking for durable and affordable motorized caddies. Since then, Motocaddy has worked hard to become the World’s #1 electric caddy brand, with an award-winning range, great aftersales support, and a strong focus on innovation while expanding choices for pushcart users and golfers searching for appropriate golf bags and accessories.

Motocaddy Homepage: https://www.motocaddy.us/
About Motocaddy: https://www.motocaddy.us/about-us
Motocaddy Golf Trolley Manufacturer: https://www.motocaddy.us/push-carts
Motocaddy Accessories: https://www.motocaddy.us/accessories

3.Minghong Motors Golf Trolley Manufacturer

Minghong began its tricycle manufacturing company in 1995. Minghong has grown its product line for 25 years, including electric tricycles, freight tricycles, micro cars, and electric mopeds. They can break the decades-long cycle of major companies overdesigning and overcharging by owning one of the world’s greatest electric tricycle factories and doing things the Minghong way–focused on excellent quality, reasonable prices, and customer happiness.

Minghong Motors Homepage: https://minghongmotors.com/
About Minghong Motors: https://minghongmotors.com/about-minghong-vehicle/
Minghong Motors Golf Trolley Manufacturer: https://minghongmotors.com/electric-golf-trolley-manufacturer/
Minghong Motors Other Products: https://minghongmotors.com/electric-tricycle-manufacturer/

4.Golfstream Golf Trolley Manufacturer

Golfstream is headquartered in Kent, the heart of electric golf trolley country. Their team has over 60 years of collective expertise in electric golf trolley manufacturers. They wanted to provide a more personal, helpful, professional, but consumer-friendly service than that currently offered by top manufacturers. Golfstream was founded in 2008 by Derek Richford and Lee Stelfox, and Kaytlin and Lin have ably aided them in making Golfstream one of the fastest-growing golf enterprises in the UK over the last four years.

Golfstream Homepage: https://www.golfstream.co.uk/
About Golfstream: https://www.golfstream.co.uk/about_us/
Golfstream Golf Trolley Manufacturer: https://www.golfstream.co.uk/product-category/golfstream-golf-trolleys/
Golfstream Parts and Accessories: https://www.golfstream.co.uk/parts-and-accessories-for-golf-trolleys/

5.Lawia Golf Trolley Manufacturer

Eurogreen International was created in January 1989 to develop and manufacture various golf equipment, such as clubs, manual trolleys, and accessories. Electric golf carts were introduced to the production repertoire in 1996, and they earned expertise and a firm name in this market over the next several years. Then, in 2004, Eurogreen replied to several demands to create a single-seat ride-on golf scooter. That product was released to the public in June of 2005. In 2010, they began producing the Lightest Mobility Scooter and Power Wheel Barrow to expand their manufacturing line and production quantity.

Lawia Homepage: https://www.lawia.com/index.html
About Lawia: https://www.lawia.com/about.html
Lawia Golf Trolley Manufacturer: https://www.lawia.com/golf_trolley.html
Lawia Other Products: https://www.lawia.com/disability_mobility_supascoota_std.html

6.EVM Ltd Golf Trolley Manufacturer

Ralph and Shirley Sands formed EVM Ltd in 1988. Ralph spent 16 years with Unigate Dairies as an electric vehicle fitter, repairing milk floats and working in the vehicle body shop. Shirley has previously worked at Unigate, as well as in the public and private industry, for brief periods. The merger produced two individuals, one with expertise in electric and motorized vehicles and the other in administrative and customer service, who formed a strong team to create a new firm.

EVM Ltd Homepage: https://evmgolf.co.uk/
About EVM Ltd: https://evmgolf.co.uk/about-evm-ltd/
EVM Ltd Golf Trolley Manufacturer: https://evmgolf.co.uk/trolleys/new-electric-golf-trolleys/
EVM Ltd Servicing: https://evmgolf.co.uk/electric-golf-trolley-servicing/

7.JuCad Golf Trolley Manufacturer

JUTEC Biegesysteme GmbH & Co. KGaA, Limburg, has been in business for 40 years. With its luxury trolley brand JuCad, KG has effectively positioned itself on foreign marketplaces. This creative firm, with a long heritage, soon established itself in the premium market with its JuCad branded items. This German golfing achievement story began in 1988 with the introduction of the first detachable designer stainless steel golf trolley with three-spoke wheels. JuCad is the first company in the golf industry to provide its clients with an online personal trolley configurator, allowing them to meet practically any configuration demand. The JuCad brand is known for its color diversity and revitalizes the fairways with new trolley and bag designs.

JuCad Homepage: https://www.jucad.de/en/
About JuCad: https://www.jucad.de/en/the-company
JuCad Golf Trolley Manufacturer: https://www.jucad.de/en/golf-trolleys/
JuCad Trolley Accessories: https://www.jucad.de/en/trolley-accessories/

How To Choose A Golf Trolley

The top-of-the-line golf trolley on the market is a long cry from the basic two-wheelers you used to have to drag painfully behind you. And the greatest electric golf trolleys are in a different league from the heavyweight, awkward, and untrustworthy old beasts. You can even get remote control golf trolleys that will follow you at your leisure. Here, we outline the most crucial elements to consider when buying a new golf trolley or updating an old one.

How To Choose A Golf Trolley

The Capacity of the Battery

Batteries have progressed substantially in recent years, with lighter, more powerful lithium options on the market. Motocaddy says over 90% of golfers prefer lithium batteries to larger lead-acid batteries. It would help if you still decided whether an 18-hole battery is adequate or an extended or 36-hole battery is required.


Every time you use your trolley, you must transport it to and from your garage, vehicle trunk, or the trolley store at your golf course. So, if you have a poor back, be sure the trolley you buy is usable. Check the manufacturer’s website for weight, hold one in-store before buying, or ask a friend who owns the same model to let you check it out.

Storage and Dimensions

Similarly, make sure that the trolley’s size and shape will fit comfortably in the trunk of your car and where you want to keep it at home. Consequently, some of the smallest golf trolleys are worth considering because they fold up easily and take up little space in your garage, car, or wherever you keep your golf equipment.


We’ve now entered the realm of individual preference. Electric trolleys, in particular, are now filled with many extras, both little and huge, so you must weigh what sounds applicable against what seems fantastic, but you will never use them.

Connectivity and GPS

Several electric trolleys, such as Motocaddy’s M5 GPS, now have fully integrated GPS capabilities. Likewise, some trolleys allow you to get smartphone notifications and caution through the trolley’s screen. Certain trolleys have a USB charging capability to recharge your devices before returning to work.


In conclusion, golf trolley manufacturers are businesses that specialize in creating and manufacturing golf trolleys for golfers all around the world. These companies provide various choices to meet different demands and budgets, including manual push carts, electric trolleys, and remote-controlled trolleys. They employ high-quality materials and cutting-edge technology to make trolleys that are long-lasting, dependable, and simple to operate, and they also provide a choice of extras and modifications to improve the golfing experience.

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