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Minghong is a premier manufacturer of Auto Rickshaw vehicles and parts. We currently manufacture rickshaw loaders together with their parts. Driven by state-of-the-art technology and innovation, Electric vehicles designed and manufactured by us are assembled in a way that makes them reliable in performance.

Auto Rickshaw Parts List

Minghong Battery Pack

Minghong Battery Pack

The anode and cathode of the Minghong electric vehicle battery pack cooperate to produce power at the most superficial level within each battery cell.

Minghong Electric Motor

Minghong Electric Motor

Electric motors are what power electric vehicles. One of the most essential components of an electric car is the electric motor, batteries, and power electronics.

DC-DC Converter

DC Converter

Minghong DC converters serve the same primary purpose. A step-down converter does the exact opposite of a step-up converter, turning a low-voltage input into a high-voltage output.

Minghong Controller

Minghong Controller

The controller’s primary responsibility is to keep track of how much energy is sent from the battery and inverter to the electric motors. The accelerator pedal of the car gives the controller much of its input.

Minghong Thermal System Cooling

Minghong Thermal System Cooling

The engine, electric motor, power systems, and other components all operate in the ideal temperature range thanks to the Minghong thermal system cooling mechanism.

Power Control Unit

Power Control Unit

MInghong Power control units are essential parts that convert DC power produced by batteries back into AC power. This process is completed using an inverter, a component used to power computers or other electronics using a 12-volt connector in the car’s dash.

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One of the top producers of environmentally friendly electric cars includes Minghong—E-Rickshaw, E-Loader, E-Kart, etc. We are emerging as the market leader in customizing E-Vehicles to meet customer needs for large orders, including garbage collectors, ice cream carts, transport vehicles, affordable ambulances, and school vehicles. We also produce industrial castings, spare parts, and cylinder block kits for two- and three-wheelers. We can conduct our company with solutions that focus on results because we thoroughly understand the market, the industry, and a work environment with high ethical standards.

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