1000W or 800W Motor, Which Is Better For Your Electric Tricycle?

Have you ever been on an electric tricycle for some fun and noticed that even though the motor power is rated at 1000W, it ran slower than you expected? If so, you’re not alone! Many people find that their electric tricycles with an 1000W rated motor are slower than those with a lower wattage rating. So why does this happen? In this blog, we’ll be taking a deep dive into why an 1000W e-trike may run slower than its 800W counterpart, examining the various components involved in accessory power ratings and how they ultimately affect speed. Read on to learn more!

Many people believe that the power of an electric tricycle’s motor determines its speed. However this is not always true. The maximum achievable speed of any given vehicle depends on both the motor and controller size, with a more powerful engine allowing for higher top speeds but also needing larger controllers to deliver sufficient energy. Therefore it can sometimes happen that an 800W electric tricycle outruns one containing 1000W motors due to better optimized usage from their respective parts.

The reason why people feel that there is a big difference between different brands of motors and controllers, most of them are caused by the mismatch between the motor and the controller.

As a simple example, a 1000W motor electric tricycle may not reach expected speeds if equipped with a 15-tube controller, while an 800W motor paired with an 18-tube controller will experience optimum output. Unfortunately, some small manufacturers provide electric trikes that suffer from slower than desired velocity due to insufficiently matched parts – which consumers often overlook when selecting their ride.

The role of the controller is to control the speed of motor rotation, and provide motor rotation signal, in fact, the controller is the real factor that determines the speed. After looking at the relationship between the motor and the controller, it is not difficult to understand why some electric tricycles equipped with 1000W motor but can not run the electric tricycle equipped with 800W motor.

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At this point, you may ask, “Is it better to choose a 1000W motor or an 800W motor for an electric tricycle?
800W and 1000W motor power is different, the former will provide a little less power. And when it comes to loading capacity, 1000W motor is stronger. However, under the same conditions, the 800W motor will consume less power than the 1000W motor, and the price is relatively low. Both have their advantages, depending on your preference for load or range needs.

But often in the case of overload load, will also affect the electric tricycle range. For owners who want to extend the range of the vehicle, it is still not recommended to often overload and overweight driving.

And the dynamic performance of a quality electric tricycle has the following 6 points.

  1. strong frame rigidity and stable front end
  2. soft braking linearity, the whole body will have a sense of downward pressure when emergency braking
  3. easy to control the cornering side tilt, strong tire grip
  4. stable center of gravity when driving at high speed
  5. good damping effect, the body does not shake up and down significantly on bumpy roads
  6. no strange noise

All in all, it can be seen that the speed of an electric tricycle with an 800W motor is not always lower than that of an electric tricycle with a 1000W motor. The main reason for this is due to the controller size. It can also be said that the maximum achievable speed of any given vehicle depends on both the motor and controller size, with a more powerful engine allowing for higher top speeds but also needing larger controllers to deliver sufficient energy.


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